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07.19.21: Plan Year 2022 – Health Benefi

07.19.21: Plan Year 2022 – Health Benefits Changes

ACE members The Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC) has reached an agreement regarding employee health benefits for the plan year 2022.  The JLMBC is comprised of members from all bargaining units (ACE, CSEA, FA, POA, and Teamsters).  In a nutshell, here are the changes: Employee benefit health benefit premiums increase by five percent; CalPERS Choice and […]

ACE Update 12.08.2020: You Did This, Th...

ACE Update 12.08.2020:  You Did This, Thank You, Voluntary Employee Benefits Association, ACE Officers 2021

President’s Message You Did This.  How do you sum up a year like 2020? A global pandemic. Sheltering in place (SIP) for eight months and counting. Corresponding economic uncertainty. Raging wildfires displacing colleagues for weeks, and a few permanently losing their home.  Never-ending District budget challenges.  It’s easy to focus on the challenges, and we’ll still need to […]