Current Contract: ACE Agreement 2018-2021
Note: ACE ratified a rollover of our 2018-2021 Agreement for three more years.

Article 1 Recognition and Effect of Agreement
Article 2 No Discrimination
Article 3 Union Security
Article 4 Temporary Work
Article 5 Union Rights
Article 6 Stewards
Article 7 Employment Practices
Article 8 Pay And Allowances
Article 9 Holidays and Vacations
Article 10 Leaves
Article 11 Layoffs
Article 12 Grievance Procedures
Article 13 Hours And Overtime
Article 14 Worker Expenses And Material
Article 15 Classification and Reclassification
Article 16 Disciplinary Action
Article 17 Retirement
Article 17A Change in Employment Status Because of Disability
Article 17B Pre-Retirement Reduction in Contract
Article 18 Benefits
Article 19 Safety
Article 20 Negotiations
Article 21 Management Rights
Article 22 Contract Review Committee
Article 23 Duration