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ACE Update 06.05.2020: Standing Against...

ACE Update 06.05.2020:  Standing Against Racism; July 4; Summer Work Hours; Vacation and SIP; PGA Section 5 and CalPERS

President’s Message Standing Against Racism While long term action is needed, ACE will continue to stand beside and support our black colleagues, students, and the Black Lives Matter movement in the ongoing fight for justice.  The events that have taken place in the last week demand that each of us stand up in opposition to […]

ACE Update 05.04.2020: Praise, Working R...

ACE Update 05.04.2020: Praise, Working Remotely Survey, DA President Finalist Forums, Budget News, Professional Development Resources

President’s Message I don’t know who needs to hear this right now but you’re doing a great job. Full stop. With another month of sheltering in place on the horizon it’s easy to get frustrated, and sometimes feel guilty, for all the things one cannot do in their job to better serve students. Challenges are real – […]