Unions are about a simple proposition: By joining together, we gain strength in numbers so we can have a voice at work about issues you care about.

Watch the video below to understand why unions matter to you:

What does my contract cover?
In general, your contract includes provisions on:

  • Wages, hours and fringe benefits
  • Health and safety
  • Non-discrimination
  • Contract length
  • Discipline
  • Seniority
  • Dues collection
  • Union security
  • Grievance procedures
  • Arbitration

For a partial list of the contract enforcement and employee benefits ACE has negotiated on your behalf, check out ACE Wins.

How much will I pay in dues?
0.0095 of base monthly salary.

Only dues-paying members are eligible to vote for contract changes and elected officers and represent ACE on committees.

How will my dues money be used?
Dues provide the resources to stand up for good jobs and benefits, decent working conditions and a better future for our families. That’s why union workers earn 14 percent more on average than nonunion workers. They also receive 54 percent more in benefits. None of this would be possible without the strength that comes from our ACE dues.

All of your dues stay with ACE in order to fund activities that give members more power at the bargaining table, in the statehouse and in the community. Some of these activities include:

  • Organizing expenses;
  • Office equipment and regular administration expenses;
  • Attorney to assist in negotiations, grievances and arbitration;
  • Training;
  • Research into companies and industries to gather information for negotiations and organizing; and
  • Professional services such as accountants and tax preparation.

How can I support my union?
There are a number of things members can do to make ACE even stronger than it is today. Participating, sticking together, and educating potential members and the public about ACE are simple, everyday ways we can support our union. Here are a few others:

  • Attend monthly site meetings regularly. Site meetings are typically held the first Tuesday of the month at De Anza and the third Tuesday of the month at Foothill.  If you cannot attend meetings, talk to your vice president or other members about what took place and try to make the next one.
  • Stay informed. Keep up with current events and what’s happening in your workplace. Read your email and bookmark acefhda.org for updates.
  • Participate in elections. Whether it’s elections for officers, contract votes or other ACE business, your opinion counts and can make a difference.
  • Get to know your steward. They are your primary contact with the union and can answer many of your questions or refer you to the appropriate resources.
  • Get to know your officers and trustees. Visit the ACE website for contact information and more.
  • Know your contract. If you do nothing else, read your contract, ask questions and stay informed. A copy of your contract and ACE’s constitution are available on the ACE website.