Scott Olsen - President

Scott became ACE President in January of 2022. His service to ACE started in November of 2016 when he joined the executive board as a board member for central services. In 2019, he became ACE vice president for central services. Scott joined Foothill – De Anza in 2007 and works as a Client Systems Specialist for ETS.

Kathy Nguyen - Treasurer

Kathy began serving as treasurer of ACE in January 2019.  She started her career with Foothill-De Anza in September of 2006 and currently works for the Foothill- De Anza Foundation as an accountant.

Shawna Santiago - ACE Recorder

Shawna was appointed as the ACE Recorder in April of 2016. She began her career at Foothill as a student worker in 1996, becoming a permanent employee in 2000. Shawna currently works in the Office of Instruction at Foothill as the academic services technician.

Chris White - Chair of Negotiations

Chris serves as the Chair of Negotiations for ACE Agreement expiring October 31, 2024. Prior to serving as Chair, she was ACE President from 2016-2022 and Chair of Negotiations from 2014-2016. Chris joined Foothill-De Anza in 2001 and currently works in the District Archives.

Central Services

Bill Baldwin - Vice President - CS

Bill became vice president for central services in January of 2022. He has served a variety of roles for ACE including central services board member (2020-2022), central services vice president (2015-2020), and central services chief steward (2009-2015). Bill has been with Foothill-De Anza since 2001 and works in ETS as an Application Support Analyst II.

Thomas Marks - Chief Steward - CS

Stacey Carrasco - Board Member - CS

Stacey began her service as a board member in 2023 and has been with the FHDA CCD since 2017 working as part of the California Virtual Campus – Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI).

  • Location: Remote

De Anza

Vins Chacko - Vice President - DA

Vins was appointed to serve as Vice President for De Anza in May 2019. He joined De Anza college in October 2017 and works as an administrative assistant, senior in the Business Division Office at De Anza.

Erika Flores - Chief Steward - DA

Erika began her service to ACE as chief steward for De Anza in August of 2017. She previously worked at a non-profit, youth serving agency where she served as a steward for a little over two years under SEIU. Erika joined De Anza in 2016, and currently works as a program coordinator II for the Student Success and Support Program.

Angelica Esquivel Moreno - Board Member - DA

Angelica began serving as a board member seat 2, representing De Anza, in January 2021. In addition to serving on the ACE Executive Board, she represents ACE on De Anza’s Administrative Planning and Budget Team. Angelica has been with the district since July of 2017 and currently works at De Anza as a program coordinator II in Academic Services.

Adriana Garcia - Steward - DA

Adriana began her service to ACE as steward for De Anza in January 2022. She is a Program Coordinator for the Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education (Academic Services). Adriana has had a 20-year relationship with De Anza through volunteer and leadership roles and/or working in various departments. She is proud tia/auntie to family members who are and have attended/ graduated from De Anza in the last 6 years.

  • Tel: 408.864.5636
  • Location: MLC 255, 2nd Floor, Office of Equity

Andre Meggerson - Steward - DA

Sasha Bostick - Board Member - DA

Sasha joined the ACE Executive Board in January 2022. She has been with De Anza College since 2019 and works as an administrative assistant senior in the Bio Health Science Division.


Phuong Tran - Vice President - FH

Phuong begins her second stint as vice president of Foothill in 2021, where she represents ACE on Resource and Revenue and College Advisory Council. She previously served in the same role in 2011. As vice president, Phuong is also responsible for appointing ACE representatives on hiring committees for ACE positions. Phuong has been with the district since 2006 and currently works as the program coordinator senior for the Apprenticeship program at Foothill.

Anthony Caceres - Chief Steward - FH

Anthony began serving as Foothill Chief Steward in June 2022. Prior to that he was the Central Services Chief Steward starting in May 2019. He had served as Interim Vice President at De Anza from October 2018 through March 2019. He joined Foothill-De Anza in January of 2016.

Yasmine Malboubi - Board Member - FH

    Booth Law Group

    The Booth Law Group provides ACE representation on all labor issues, which include:

    • Contract negotiations and enforcement.
    • Discipline and discharge.
    • Duty of fair representation claims.
    • Unlawful employment actions.
    • Representation of ACE before administrative agencies and courts of law.

    Bradley Booth - Attorney

    Bradley Booth has a long history of standing up for workers’ rights. He began his legal career with the California State Employees’ Association (CSEA). While there he was president of the employees’ union and represented state employees in appellate and trial practice, administrative law, writs, and extensive contract interpretation coupled with discipline and contract arbitration. Prior to opening his private practice, he was chief counsel for the Department of Fair and Employment and Housing (DFEH).  At DFEH, he constantly worked to strengthen anti-discrimination statutes in California. Over the past 20 years in private practice, while representing labor unions, he has been able to hone and perfect his original passion through an emphasis on labor law and employment discrimination.

        Anthony Booth - Attorney

        Anthony Booth has a background in politics. He spent seven years working on a gubernatorial campaign, which had a major focus on expansion of labor rights. His passion for the labor movement began at a very young age when he walked picket lines in support of his father’s union strikes. He has been a labor consultant for the past eight years. Over those years he has represented members in all aspects of labor including individual issues with management and union issues in arbitration and before the state labor board. In 2017, he earned his J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law.