By law, the Executive Board has the authority to govern all proceedings of ACE:  it sets policy, directs the executive staff and standing committees, oversees the development of the Agreement (contract), and serves as the voice of the ACE members on bargaining and related issues.


The ACE Executive Board is comprised of thirteen elected members. The officers are a President, three (3) Vice Presidents (De Anza campus, Foothill campus and Central Services, representative of each location), and a Treasurer. The four (4) Board Members at Large shall consist of one (1) member from Foothill, two (2) members from De Anza, and one (1) from Central Services. In addition, three (3) Chief Stewards (De Anza campus, Foothill campus and Central Services, representative of each location), shall serve on the Executive Board. The term of office is two years with no limit to the number of consecutive terms an Executive Board member may serve.

Role of the Executive Board Within the Association of Classified Employees

  • Govern the organization with the best interests of the Membership in focus
  • Abide by the organization’s Constitutions and Policies
  • Review and approve annual budget
  • Review and approve major organizational decisions, commitments, and plans including expenditures, loans, and leases
  • Evaluate progress toward program and financial goals; ensure best practices
  • Ensure the continuity of the organization through development and recruitment of executive staff
  • Ensure its Membership is informed of major organizational decisions, commitments and plans
  • Document policies and decisions to create an organizational memory
  • Prepare for and attending Executive Board meetings, General Membership, and assigned Special Committees
  • Replacing and orienting board members when a vacancy arises

Role of the Steward Within the Association of Classified Employees

  • A steward is the official ACE representative in the workplace responsible for taking the lead in addressing workplace problems. A steward is also responsible for implementing ACE’s overall vision and program in the workplace.
  • The steward is the symbol of many acting as one in the workplace. Put another way, many act as one through the steward. It is not the steward’s job to do things for members, but to take the lead in doing things with members to improve our member’s working life.
  • As a worksite leader the steward’s role, under the direction of the ACE Board of Directors and the Chief Steward, is to help workers act as one when dealing with workplace problems and help create uniformity in workplace standards affecting ACE members.