This update includes the articles your ACE negotiations team has selected to reopen for the 2015-2016 year and how some of the changes we made to our agreement last year are being implemented.

The 2014-2017 ACE Agreement is posted online for your convenience.

2015-2016 Negotiation Reopeners
Per our Agreement, this year ACE & the District may reopen Article 8 (Pay and Allowances) and Article 18 (Benefits) along with two additional articles. We are awaiting a response from the District regarding a meeting date where we will present the specifics of our proposal. After that time, we will send you detailed information regarding our proposals.

The following Articles are reopened:

Per Article 23:
Article 8 – Pay and Allowances
Article 18 – Paid Benefits

Article 11 – Layoff

Article 10 – Leaves
Article 13 – Hours and Overtime

As a reminder, Article 18 (Paid Benefits) is bargained collectively through the Joint Labor Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC). ACE met with FA, CSEA, Teamsters and the Police to draft up a benefits proposal, but we are still waiting on some financial information and most likely will not be submitting our proposal with the District until December. It is important to note that the impact of these benefits negotiations will affect all other economic proposals. In other words, until the District knows how much any changes to paid benefits might cost them, if there are any, it would not surprise me if we DO NOT see a response to any of our other economic proposals (like a COLA) until this is resolved. And until you hear from the ACE President or the ACE Chair of Negotiations, anything regarding changes to paid benefits, COLA’s or other negotiated items are speculation.

2014-2015 Negotiations Update

  • Joint Labor Management Classification Committee (JLMCC): Established through an MOU (Appendix I), this committee’s role is to establish the need and develop the process for implementing a Classification Study. Our first meeting is this week and members include the ACE President, ACE Chair of Negotiations, ACE Attorney, HR Director, FH administrator and a DA administrator. The HR Classification Specialist will be there for reference and expertise, but has no negotiating authority.
  • Classification and Reclassification: Changes were made as to how one applies for classification and reclassification, Article 15.
    • We have eliminated the classification committee. There are NO submission deadlines and reclassification is filed directly to the HR Classification Specialist, Myisha Washington.
    • When you file your paperwork with the District Classification Specialist, make certain that you send a copy to the ACE Recorder at We can’t help you if we do not know you’ve filed for a reclass and the district is under no obligation to tell us.
    • Until you hear from ACE, you may file for a reclass as we negotiate the Classification Study process with the District.