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11.8.2021 – Election Results

11.8.2021 – Election Results

Hello ACE Members,      Below are the results of your ACE elections.    President          Number of eligible voters:  346          Number who voted: 196          Response Rate 57%             1) Scott Olsen:                   Number of Votes:   191            2) Abstain:                    Number of Votes: 5   3 Negotiators at Large       Voters were required to choose at least 1 and up to 3 […]

03.02.2021 – General Membership Meeting,

03.02.2021 – General Membership Meeting, Classification/Compensation Study

ACE MembersI am pleased to announce we have reached an agreement with the District on our classification and compensation study.  A pdf was emailed to members which include: An FAQ regarding the tentative agreement. The MOU for the agreement includes classifications and their corresponding salary level. A general FAQ regarding the classification/compensation study and how […]

12.14.2020: ACE Dues Forgiveness Extend...

12.14.2020:  ACE Dues Forgiveness Extended Through March 2021

In March, the ACE Executive Board voted to forgive dues for the months of April, May, and June 2020 to help members who may have been financially affected by the shelter-in-place order (SIP). Prudent financial stewardship over the years had allowed ACE to build healthy savings to be able to address future challenges. The executive […]