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ACE Update 11.14.18: Participatory Gover...

ACE Update 11.14.18: Participatory Governance in Budget Reductions; New ACE Officers & Negotiators; Upcoming Workshops; Chief Steward Central Services

Participatory Governance In Budget Reductions? By now the colleges’ and central services have submitted their reduction proposals to district senior management. The application deadline for the Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP) has also passed.  Hours and hours of input from participatory governance groups have gone into these decisions with careful thought regarding the impact on students, […]

ACE Update 10.23.18 – Decisions, Candida

ACE Update 10.23.18 – Decisions, Candidates for ACE Elections, Dues Forgiveness; Technically, It’s Not A Hiring Freeze, Staff Development Leave

President’s Message Decisions Last month we talked about the million unanswered questions around budget cuts, the classification study and what Foothill-De Anza might look like moving forward.  As of today, not much has changed.  We’re still in a holding pattern. Frustrated?  Me too. The colleges’ and district have updated their reduction plans. Foothill presented their […]