ACE Members,

Classification Study Final StepsAppeal PDQs Due August 31st, 2022

Has your work changed significantly since the original classification study? Does your job description not align with your permanent ongoing duties? Have you not already submitted an appeal by completing a position description questionnaire? If you answered “yes” to all three questions complete a PDQ appeal form by 8/31/22.

Contact me with questions but understand that you are the expert when it comes to the work you are regularly assigned. If the bulk of that work is done by a higher classification, filling out this form is your best opportunity to be fairly compensated for that work.

Copy me on final submissions and I will forward them to the appropriate person in human resources. Interviews may occur months after the deadline (date to be determined.)

Summer Time Card Instructions

Yesterday I spoke with Nancy Chao in Payroll to gather details on how to record the summer schedule transition. If your work schedule as of July 14th is 4×10, on your liquid office time report (LOTR) you would input 10-10-10-10-0, for M-T-W-T-F, and include a note in the comments at the bottom stating the date you were required to begin that schedule (see example in screenshots below.) This will clarify details for payroll and cause fewer headaches 🤞

Timecard example described above showing how to input hours.
Timecard example described above showing note on when new schedule was required.

Wanted: Chief Steward, Central Services

We are still in need of a Chief Steward for Central Services. Training will take place after we have a member in the role. This is a key union position that serves to help members interpret our agreement, defend against contract violations, and has a seat(vote) on our executive board.

Contact me with questions.

Wanted: De Anza Travel and Conference Committee

This committee has two vacant seats – one ACE, one De Anza Classified Senate. It meets once a month or as needed to review applications. Roles and responsibilities are described in this document here (LINK). Reach out to Sushini Chand and Dana Kennedy for details on how the committee operates.

Contact @Dawn Lee Tu if you are interested in joining.

July Board of Trustees Meeting

On Monday night I gave the trustees a thank you card for approving our reasonable cost of living adjustment. ACE and the district never agree to anything that is clearly beyond the district’s ability to provide, which makes any agreement reasonable. The card had artwork by Ricardo Levins Morales (see below.) During the leadership report I spoke to the importance of unions in social justice movements and building a better world for workers, along with ACE’s commitment toward leadership development and maintaining a strong democratic union. I mentioned that every unionist at the conference I attended whom I described the staffing shortage in HR considered that shortfall to be a significant organizing issue – one that is broadly and deeply felt. I also highlighted the number of retirements and resignations on that meeting’s HR report. From many of you I hear that the district’s outcomes haven’t changed – the work is still getting done, students are graduating – but the way FHDA CCD is conducting business has changed as is leading employees to consider leaving. I urged the board to pursue a staffing study to identify where support is needed across the district. I recognize many of you have large workloads that go beyond a 40-hour workweek and a plan needs to be developed to alleviate the pressure.

Thank you card described above.

Finally, I’ll encourage you to use your vacation time during the summer if you have a balance that enables you to disconnect from the workplace for a while. Watching the leave numbers grow is not nearly as relaxing as taking some time off. I will be out of the office on most Fridays during the summer and on vacation the week of Aug 15th recovering to handle the other side of 2022.

In Solidarity,

Scott Olsen (he/him) | ACE President |
650-949-7789 | M-F 8:00am-5:00pm

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