ACE Members,

Last week at the combined ACE site meeting I began to spread the news that the district had not completed everything required to calculate and gain Board of Trustees approval to disperse the funds that we had expected “barring significant implementation challenges” in our January paychecks.

  • Currently Human Resources is “aiming” for the pro-rated $2,300 payment to be included in your end of February paycheck.
  • I am making all the noise I can to have this included on the February 14th Board of Trustees agenda.
  • I am communicating that we need to know specifically when these payments will arrive and advance notice to plan how to handle them.

“Pro-rated” means you will receive $153.35 for each of the 15 months you worked from March ‘20 thru June ’21.
“Aiming” means this is not a guarantee.

The entire memorandum of understanding (MOU) is on our website:
along with all of our MOUs: