ACE Members,

For now, I’ll be concise – here are the latest updates on the most pertinent issues:

Remote Work Stipend

I received confirmation that this stipend will be included in our end of February paycheck.You will receive $153.35 for each of the 15 months you worked on active status from March ‘20 thru June ’21.

The full text of the MOU is available on our website (LINK).

I will be speaking at the February 14th Board of Trustees meeting to share the collective disappointment many of us have with how this was handled and ask that we move to a system capable of issuing payments in a timely+equitable manner. (I’ll craft the full message in the coming weeks, to be posted at a later date.) Thank you to those who participated during our most recent site meeting – I hear you.

Classification Study Retroactive Pay

I received confirmation that roughly 180 members will receive their retroactive pay as a result of the classification study in the end of February paycheck. The remaining members should receive their retroactive pay in the end of March paycheck.

This first group was identified solely by Human Resources. You are most likely in this group if you have been in the same position at the same step during the entirety of the study. I am waiting to receive a list from Human Resources and I will notify the individuals who are affected.

I have repeatedly been very clear with Human Resources that there are members who need the opportunity to make changes to their payroll withholdings, contributions, and direct deposit allocations in anticipation of receiving a lump sum of money. I have also been very clear that I do not like surprises (even good ones) – it was not my choice to have the remote work stipend and retroactive pay arrive in the same paycheck for some and it was not my choice to split the retroactive pay into two groups.

Most importantly I want to thank those who negotiated over the years on the study and worked on its implementation to bring it to fruition. The results uphold the dignity of workers. This was an initiative that was pushed forward by ACE. It is a significant achievement with a widespread impact. Again, thank you to all who contributed.

ACE COVID Winter Quarter Survey

210 responses have been received so far. Please fill out the Google form if you have not done so already.

I will close the survey this Friday (2/4) and be taking the results to Chancellor’s Advisory Cabinet for further discussion. I am responding to individual concerns as they come to my attention.

Guidance for those who’ve tested positive is updated regularly on the Human Resources COVID-19 page (LINK). To all of those who’ve tested positive in our community, I wish a speedy recovery.

PGA Supplemental Application Deadline – June 30, 2022

A comprehensive update on this was sent out in December, also available on our website (LINK).

Professional Growth Award Training (TODAY!)

A.C.E.: Professional Growth Award (PGA) / Education Assistant Reimbursement Workshop
Thursday, February 3, 2022 1:00 PM-2:00 PM

Welcome New Members!

Blaine Agustin (De Anza)
Joey Zhou (Central Services)
Shane Jones (Foothill)

Take Care,

Scott Olsen | ACE President