ACE Members,

Sick Leave Donation for Marivic Burdick
ACE Agreement Article 10.3 covers sick leave donation. A request has been approved for a fellow colleague, Marivic Burdick, who has a serious health condition.  If you have a sick leave balance of more than 480 hours please consider donating leave in 8 hour increments using this form (LINK) and return it to @Scott Olsen. Completed forms will be forwarded to human resources.

If you don’t have 480 hours of leave, you can also support Marivic’s recovery by donating to her GoFundMe (LINK).

Reach out to @Stanley Saraos, CSEA president, or @Scott Olsen if you have questions.

Upcoming Union Elections
Per our ACE Constitution Article 10 (LINK) elections will be occurring soon. Nominations will take place in October, followed by voting. Positions up for election are:

  • President
  • Vice President – De Anza
  • Vice President – Central Services
  • Board Member – De Anza (Seat 1)
  • Board Member – Foothill

Eligibility requires 1 year of continuous union membership. ACE Constitution Article 5 covers the duties of each executive board position and our website shows which committees are assigned to each position (LINK). Ask questions at upcoming site meetings, reach out to those currently serving in the positions, and look for upcoming events that provide more details.

As an independent organization we depend on those who serve in elected roles to accomplish the business of a union and represent members.

Central Services Board Member Needed
Thank you to @Stacey Carrasco for serving as the Board Member for Central Services. She has recently moved to De Anza and we now have a need to appoint a new member to serve on HRAC (Human Resources Advisory Committee) and attend Central Services Classified Senate meetings for the remainder of the term, ending in 2024.

If you are interested, please contact @Scott Olsen and/or @William Baldwin for more details.

Negotiated COLA & Benefits Tentative Agreements
Thank you to members who’ve asked questions at site meetings and via email about our upcoming tentative agreements with the district. We are awaiting documents from the district to sign and bring to the membership for a final approval vote. If you have not already reviewed previous negotiations emails regarding the 7.22% salary schedule increase and benefits rate changes, please go back and search your inboxes for past messages. Details will also be on our website soon.

Recently I’ve also received thanks from non-members regarding the COLA agreement and I remind them that this is paid for by dues paying members. Our attorneys serve as chief negotiators and provide invaluable advice that helps reach these agreements (in addition to their expertise in labor law and ed code.) Non-members are not getting these benefits for free, they are getting them because we shoulder the cost and understand the value in maintaining our independent labor organization.

New Employee Membership
Talk about our union. If you know a non-member or new employee, ask them about ACE. What have we accomplished that matters to you? As a union we collectively operate purely in our the interest of our membership to gain benefits and protections that matter in our workplace. Our strength relies on maintaining a high level of active members (currently 90%+). If there’s something we are not doing, raise the topic at a site meeting amongst members.

As a reminder, if you forward these update messages to a colleague or they are not on this email list, there’s a high probability they are not an active member. Recent negotiations with the district demonstrate that none of these benefits are given. Without ACE your salary would be lower, your benefits costs would be higher, your personal leave accrual would be less, and the time window for discipline supporting termination would be wider.

The ACE membership application and dues authorization for is available on our website (LINK) and can be returned to @Scott Olsen.

In Solidarity,

Scott Olsen (he/him) | ACE President | 
650-949-7789 | M-F 8:00am-5:00pm