Last October, you voted for changes to Article 7 of our Agreement which added a process for members to request a voluntary transfer (Article 7.4.1). This change was a direct response to members concerns that the opportunity to transfer was not transparent, along with a frustration that current FHDA employees weren’t given first consideration before positions opened to external candidates.  This email is meant to clarify how the voluntary transfer process works, but I would encourage you to read our Agreement for complete details.

As part of voluntary transfer process, the District agreed to:

  1. Send an email to all FHDA employees about a transfer opportunity; and
  2. Give internal candidates five (5) business days to submit an application for the position to HR for consideration before it is opened to external candidates.

To be eligible to apply for a transfer:

  1. An employee must meet the minimum requirements for the new position and not be on probation.
  2. The new position must be equal to or lower than the employee’s current classification level.

 Frequently asked questions:

  1. I want to transfer. I meet the minimum qualifications and have the most seniority, do I automatically get the position?   No.  This process gives qualified internal applicants the opportunity to apply and interview for the position before it is opened to external applicants.
  2. I submitted my application within five (5) days, what happens next?  The hiring manager will review applications and interview qualified applicants as appropriate. The hiring committee for internal positions includes the hiring manager, an ACE rep and EO rep.  As always, the hiring manager has the final say in who they choose for the position.
  3. I missed the five (5) days submission time period, can I still apply? Yes, but the posting is opened to outside candidate and you would need to go through the formal FHDA hiring process.
  4. The position is at a lower level than my current one.  Will my pay stay the same?  A voluntary transfer to a lower classification may result in a salary reduction. You will be placed on a salary step in the lower range which corresponds in credit for years of service to that which was provided in the higher range.  In no case, shall the new pay level exceed the maximum salary for the lower classification.  
  5. Who do I let know that I am interested in a position?  You must submit a paper copy of your resume and cover letter to Employment Services (District Office, Foothill Campus) or e-mail these materials to Thuy Quach at quachthuy@fhda.eduwithin five (5) days of the email announcement for consideration.

If you are selected for the position:

  1. The change in assignment shall be made as soon as practically possible, but it can’t be delayed longer than fifteen (15) working days after HR has been notified officially by the hiring manager that a worker has been selected for transfer; and
  2. There is a six (6) month probationary period for the new position only (you still retain permanent status with the District) and you will be evaluated in the same manner as a new employee.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Chief Steward, myself or HR.