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ACE Update: 03.12.2020 – COVID-19 and Em

ACE Update: 03.12.2020 – COVID-19 and Employee Expectations; PGA and CalPERS; Dues Forgiveness March 2020; 2020-2021 COLA Implementation

President’s Message With the District and colleges making the decision to cease face-to-face classes while staff remain on campus it can feel like staff are left exposed and expendable. For the record, it is not just staff who will remain on campus. Some lab classes, applied arts, PE, and allied health programs will continue face-to-face […]

ACE Update: 12.12.19: Happy Holidays, Pa...

ACE Update: 12.12.19: Happy Holidays, Party Time, SDL Applications Due, Deferred Compensation Survey, Holiday Pay

President’s Message I am going to keep this short and sweet.  We can talk about bonds, parcel taxes, budgets, classification studies and the whole host of items which impact our work at FHDA in January.  Below are a few reminders for upcoming deadlines and our holiday parties but mostly this newsletter is a moment to […]