14.1 Uniforms and Special Equipment
Except as agreed to by the worker at the time of initial employment in a position, the District shall provide tools, equipment, uniforms, and supplies reasonably necessary for performance of employment duties. A worker may provide tools or equipment belonging to the worker only with prior written approval of their supervising manager. If the employment duties of a worker reasonably require use of any equipment or gear to insure the safety of the worker or others, the District shall furnish such equipment or gear. The District shall enforce the proper use of such equipment or gear to ensure the safety of workers and others.

14.2 Automobile Insurance
The District shall provide secondary personal injury and property damage insurance for workers if they are required to use their personal vehicles on employer business.

14.3 Physical Examinations
The District shall provide the full cost of any medical examination required as a condition of employment or continued employment.

14.4 Hold Harmless Clause
To the extent allowed by law, the District shall indemnify, save harmless from personal loss, and defend all workers from any claim, action, or liability arising from errors or omissions within the scope of their employment if the worker reasonably cooperates in good faith in the defense of the claim or action. It is not intended that this policy protect any individual who acts with actual fraud, corruption, or malice.

14.5 Parking
Use of staff parking lots shall be at no cost to the worker providing the worker’s automobile is properly identified.

14.6 Identification
Every District worker is issued annually an identification card for discounts on ticket purchases and which can be used on campus for identification. These cards are non- transferable and may not be lent to others.

14.7 Travel and Conference Fund
The District shall maintain a fund for assisting unit members to pay for attendance at work-related professional conferences, workshops or seminars including registration fees and travel expenses. The fund shall be $60,000 per year. The fund shall be distributed as follows:

50% De Anza Workers
30% Foothill Workers
20% Central Services Workers

14.7.1 The worker shall obtain the prior approval of their immediate supervisor to attend the conference, seminar or workshop.

14.7.2 A worker who wishes to receive funding for attendance at a professional conference, workshop or seminar shall submit a written application to the appropriate Staff Development office in accordance with the timelines established by each office. All funding decisions shall be made by the appropriate Staff Development Committee.

14.7.3 A worker may receive up to a maximum of $1,600 per fiscal year for attendance at a conference, workshop or seminar.

  1. Funds shall be available on a first come first serve basis until the fund is depleted. Unused funds shall be rolled over for the next year and shall remain at the site to which they were originally allocated.

14.8 Training/Retraining Funds

    The District shall maintain a fund for assisting unit members to pay for required tuition, fees, and textbooks to attend any work-related class at an accredited college or university. The fund shall be $30,000 per year. Remaining money shall be rolled over to the next year but the maximum fund shall be not more than $40,000. Training/Retraining funds may be used during a Staff Development Leave.

    1. The worker shall demonstrate that they have successfully completed the class.
    2. A worker may receive up to a maximum of $1,500 per academic year.
    3. Assistance shall be on a first come first serve basis, until the fund is depleted.

    The District shall maintain a list of all disbursements under this fund and make it available for review by the Union each quarter.