19.1 District Compliance
The District shall comply with all health, safety, fire and sanitation requirements imposed by state or federal law or applicable OSHA regulations. A worker who believes that a requirement is not being complied with should notify the Office of Risk Management.

19.2 No Discrimination
No worker shall be in any way discriminated against as a result of reporting to the District any condition believed to be in violation of Section 19.1 of this Article.

19.3 Worker Driving Record

19.3.1 A worker using a District vehicle on or off District property may be required to show, on request by the department issuing the vehicle, a current valid California vehicle operator’s permit.

19.3.2 In work assignments where a worker may be required to have use of a District vehicle on frequent occasions, an obligatory vehicle driving background check through the Department of Motor Vehicles will be required to assure that the individual is not presently on driver’s suspension or has a recent history of traffic violations. The worker must authorize the record check through completion of a Driving Record Release form.

19.3.3 The driving record check is confidential and is maintained the Office of Risk Management.

    19.4 Health Services
    Any injury occurring to a worker while on duty must be reported to the campus Health Services or Human Resources within 24 hours or Workers Compensation claims may be denied.

    19.5 As the District plans the purchase of new furniture and equipment, workers shall be consulted regarding ergonomically appropriate furniture or equipment purchased for their use.

    19.6 ACE agrees to participate in the District Safety Committee convened by the District’s Director of Risk Management to maintain a safe and healthful work environment within the District.