ACE Members,

We’ve been busy with voting! Results have been emailed to members, but in summary the membership approved…

  • member dues to be lowered from .0095 to .0087 of regular pay.
  • negotiated contract tentative agreements with the District.
  • two new Executive Board members.

Paystub Updates
Thank you to Payroll staff for acting upon the dues rate change quickly and implementing the ACE Executive Board’s request for dues forgiveness in October. As a part of your October paystub, you should have seen a line item for “COLA w/R”. This is the calculated amount for the negotiated 7.22% salary schedule increase going back (retroactive) to July 1st, 2023.

Always check your paystub!
We’ve seen a few situations where a form that affects your pay (WOC, SDL, etc.) has yet to be processed which either generates an underpayment or overpayment. The quicker these oversights are caught, the easier they are to work with. Reach out to schedule a meeting with @Scott Olsen if you have questions about items on your paystub.

Agreement Updates
Notice was sent to the District that members ratified our tentative agreements. We expect the negotiated contract changes to be on the Board of Trustees agenda in December. Once they pass this final stage of approval, they will take effect. Do you have questions about the new changes? Ask during a site meeting and/or reach out to a steward.

We’ll provide more guidance on how Personal Leave has changed and how to utilize Floating Leave under the terms of the new agreement.

The District is working to assemble an updated text/pdf of our 2021-24 agreement, which will be available to everyone. I’m working on updating and restoring our union website after a plugin became unruly following a webhosting outage. Thank you to those who have pointed out areas that need attention.

Executive Board Update
Beginning Jan 1st, 2024, we’ll have two new board members. @Adriana Garcia (De Anza) and @Sharon Garcia-Vega (Foothill). On behalf of all members, thank you to @Sasha Bostick and @Yasmine Malboubi for serving well during your time as representatives. Thank you to those who stepped forward to run for positions and those who continue to serve. Our membership and organization continue to achieve success because we all continue to remain actively engaged.

Are you interested in serving as a site steward? Contact @Thomas Marks (Central Services), @Anthony Caceres (Foothill), or @Erika Flores (De Anza).

Stewarding is a great way to assist members in better understanding our agreement and support colleagues in the workplace. Having multiple stewards to contact also makes us a more capable organization.

b. Duties of the Chief Stewards and Steward(s)
1) Represent their respective jurisdiction in all membership meetings in the absence of the members.
2) Be the first line of contact with administrative or supervisory staff subject to this Constitution.
3) Be responsible for the enforcement of all applicable collective bargaining agreements in their respective jurisdictions.
4) Be responsible for holding management accountable for all applicable safety and occupational health laws, rules and regulations, and are responsible for notifying appropriate administrative or supervisory staff of unsafe working conditions.
5) Shall have copies of the Constitution and all necessary working agreements available at all times.

Stewardship requires subordination of personal interests to those interests that represent the highest good of the members. Stewards shall have no greater rights than any other member of the ACE.

Source: Constitution 5.3.b (LINK)

Staff Development Leave Workshop (Thursday 12/7)
This Thursday at Noon via Zoom we’ll go over the documents that were attached to the calendar invite. If you did not receive the documents, contact @Scott Olsen or @Claudia Guzman. For those who cannot attend, we’ll record a separate session to answer common questions.

Applications are due by December 15th for SDL beginning in 2024.

In Solidarity,

Scott Olsen (he/him) | ACE President | 
650-949-7789 | M-F 8:00am-5:00pm