ACE Members,

After watching the evening news last week I found myself thinking back to a speech Stacy Davis Gates gave during the 2022 Labor Notes Conference – you can listen to it via YouTube (LINK). The six-minute speech succinctly recognized the transformative power we have together and examples of the issues we have that go beyond the workplace. Here’s a quote from it:

“Workers suffer from police brutality. Workers have their children’s schools closed down. Workers are facing eviction because housing is unaffordable. Workers are suffering under unfair immigration policies. Workers are dying because we refuse to include “they” instead of “he/him” and “she/her.” Workers are everyone who needs an advocate.”

The heartbreaking violence we continue to witness is intolerable, not inevitable. If it doesn’t sit right with you, stand up by attending a community demonstration, supporting organizations pushing for change, contacting your elected representatives, and by activating members within our union to stand together.

“Labor is plural, we speak in “we” and “us”. Labor is action, because it doesn’t mean anything until we do a thing. Labor is transformative, we change all things.”

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Needed – Board Member for Foothill
Thank you to Catalina Rodriguez for serving as a board member during 2022 👏 We are grateful for her time but are now in search of someone to appoint to complete her term which runs through Dec 31st of this year. Please email @Phuong Tran or @Scott Olsen if you are interested in serving as a board member for Foothill. Duties per our constitution:

E. General Duties of the Board Members at Large
There are four (4) board members at large nominated from and elected by the general membership. The board members at large shall:

1) Ensure that the interests and directives of the general membership are represented at board meetings.
2) Serve on a college or district committee pertinent to ACE business and report back to the Board.
3) Attend the classified senate meeting at each location…

Union Meeting and Merch Survey
How should site meetings be held? When should they occur?
Should we have ACE union merch?

Please answer those questions via this survey (LINK Removed – Members Only).

9.2.5 Accumulated Vacation Leave

Workers may accumulate a maximum of two years of accrued vacation. When the accumulated vacation balance exceeds these limits, a worker ceases to earn vacation until such time as the vacation balance is reduced below the maximum earnable…

A worker will be notified by a notice on his/her(their) paycheck when he/she(their) is within two pay periods of reaching his/her(their) maximum vacation accrual for two years. If the worker is within two pay periods of reaching his/her(their) maximum accrual of vacation, he/she(they) will meet with the supervising manager to schedule vacation so that the worker does not lose any vacation to which he/she(they) is otherwise entitled.

To calculate your accrued vacation limit look at your current paystub to see the number of vacation hours you earned, multiply them by the number of months you work during the year, and multiply that by two.

E.g. I earned 16 hours of VAC on my current paystub and I work 12 months per year. 16 x 12 x 2 = 384 hour limit.

If I were near the limit, I would need to take at least 16 hours(how much I earn per month) as vacation before the end of the upcoming pay period. Your limit may be different than mine (it’s admittedly confusing.) Contact a steward if you are near your limit and having difficulty scheduling vacation time with your supervisor/manager/administrator.

In Solidarity,

Scott Olsen (he/him) | ACE President |
650-949-7789 | M-F 8:00am-5:00pm