ACE Members,

Classification Study Retro Pay

At the end of the day on Friday I did not receive complete information from Human Resources regarding classification study retro pay. Total amounts to be paid were calculated for 7 of 84 employees. As the information is incomplete, I am uncertain if the schedule provided is accurate, but what I have describes that employees still waiting for their retro money will be paid in either March, April (mid-month), or April based on their CWID.

In addition to this, the district alleges that some of you were overpaid. ACE has requested a list of affected employees, the amount of overpayment and the reason they were overpaid. ACE will be involved in attempts to recover any overpayments. Contact me immediately if you are told money will be taken from you as a result of alleged overpayment. I will work with our attorneys to make sure this is handled appropriately.

COLA Negotiations

For ‘21-‘22 and ‘22-‘23 we will be bargaining jointly alongside the other unions to negotiate COLA, similar to how we negotiate for benefits as a group. This change in format is intended to speed up the process to get money in your paychecks faster(as close to July 1st as possible) when it comes to implementing both COLAs.

I’m aware of a letter circulating regarding COLA. As a reminder, it is a negotiated item and we cannot ask for more than the district can provide. Seeking a percentage beyond what’s available in the budget would necessitate cuts to ongoing district expenses.

At the Board of Trustees meeting on April 4th, which begins at 6pm, I will detail our collective disappointment with these inaccuracies and delays. The classification study results will have been approved one year ago at that time. Though nothing we say or do may impact the timeline of the current process, if you’d like to join me in expressing how this experience has affected you here are some ways to be heard:

  1. Submit a public comment in advance to
    1. Subject: “Board of Trustees 4/4 Public Comment”
  2. Show up in person to speak at the Board of Trustees meeting
  3. Show up in person wearing red or maroon

“Campus Revitalization”

The chancellor’s “Spring 2022 Update” message serves as a notice that you may have to return to the workplace more often than you were asked to during winter quarter, but that decision still remains with your manager.

To work on campus, COVID-19 booster shots are required for those who are currently eligible. Medical and religious exemptions still apply, see AP 3507 for complete details and contact me with questions/concerns.

Wearing a face mask will continue to be required in public facing areas and indoor classes through May 6th. This was decided based upon past experiences following breaks where more people traveled and due to a current increase in COVID-19 cases globally. The face mask policy will continue to change in response to local case rates.